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» 7.30.2007

there's a new gum in town...

I have a bad habit of picking up any new flavor of gum or hard candy that doesn't say "mint" anywhere in the description... I had a severe addiction to Altoid Sours for awhile and still have the empty metal tins to prove it. Today, in the Mart of Wal, I ran across a new cinnamon gum from Wrigley's called "Flare" which sports the tag line "... a warming cinnamon". It also sports some of the coolest packaging I've seen on a candy product since Smint (yes, i know it has "mint" in the name, but the wildberry and peach flavors were quite yummy...)

Over all, the gum's pretty good. Not a lot of flavor to start off, but I've been chomping away at it for the past 30 mins and it still hasn't turned into a flavorless brick of jaw-straining, dried clay. That kind of flavor staying power is rather rare in a gum these days....

Here's a handy review I found while looking for a photo of the packaging to show you :
Candy Addict �
Gum Review: Wrigley�s new �5? gum
. Of course, the new gum comes in mint flavors as well, but... mint... yuck...

Just in case you've not figured it out by now: I. Hate. Mint.

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